Chester Utah

Homeless Horse Center.Org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit equine welfare charitable organization located in Chester Utah.
We DO NOT SELL horses but facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation, and the eventual adoption of the horse to a qualified home. Special needs children and adults are important to us as we try to connect special loving horses with these special people.

We also help horse owners that are unable to care for or feed their horses do to financial difficulties we help find solutions such as our FEED A HORSE PROGRAM!

Homeless Horse Center takes great pride in our cowboy heritage and history as we work to teach good horse practices to new and experienced owners as well as trying our best to make a child smile!  We offer love and give special horses the opportunity to share their very special love!!!

Homeless Horse Center.Org

Hay Donation

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Any amount Helps!

We receive all our funding from donations.

Without generous and caring people who believe in what Homeless Horse Center is doing none of this would be possible.

Feed A Horse

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We offer love and allow horses to share their love!