Magic: Is a 5 year old spotted palomino POA Welsh mix. He is a very special pony after breaking his front leg he is now a companion pony. Magic is available for Sponsorship.

Cocoa: Is a 8 years old brown dapple Shetland Pony mare. She has a white star, and snip along with white hind coronet on the left. She is very kind for a Shetland. Cocoa is available for Sponsorship.

Sponsor A Horse Program

Meet the Herd

Gatsby: Is a 21 year old grey Thoroughbred gelding. He and Magic have become life long companions. Gatsby is available for Sponsorship.

Orange: Is a 24 year old Quarter Horse mare. She is retired from the race track and barrel racing arena. Orange is available for Sponsorship.

Feed A Horse

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Homer: Is a 19 year old bay Thoroughbred gelding. He is 17 hand tall and a gentle giant. Homer is available for Sponsorship.

Buck: Is a 11 or 12 year old bay Thoroughbred gelding. He is always happy to see us anytime we are outside. Buck is available for Sponsorship.

Hay Donation

(one time)

Any amount Helps!

Charm/Mama: Is a 8 year old black Welsh Pony mare, no markings. She is mother to Sweet Pea. Mama is available for Sponsorship and Adoption.

Sweet Pea: Is a 3 year old black welsh pony filly, she has a small star. She is most lovable pony we have she loves to be around people. Sweet Pea is available for Sponsorship and Adoption.

VooDoo: Is a 6 year old red roan POA gelding. He is a sweet guy and is always the first one to the fence for treats. VooDoo is available for Sponsorship.