New tack room is about built, we are now working on the inside putting up the loft to store extra feed and supplies. We are adding hooks to the walls for bridles and halters.

Magic and Gatsby having a little play time while waiting for dinner.

Another shed we are working to put the panels up and we will have one more pen

Homer and Magic feeding time...Look at the difference in size.

Feeding time at HHC, the ponies are waiting their turn patiently.

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Homer and Gatsby

This is our new pony pin, complete with a 20 foot shed.

01/09/2016 - Feeding time at HHC. A stormy cloudy day and cold. Pens are swampy from the horse walking around by morning everything will be frozen again. All the horses and ponies are muddy but chubby and happy. Inside the sheds are dry but they all like being out in the mud.